Lena was a girl with two natures. One was beautiful and full of love, and the other was dark and very powerful. She could switch between them depending on her mood and the situation. She loved nature and flowers and had a special connection with them. She could make them grow and bloom with her magic, or wither and die with her curse.


She loved Leo, a boy who was kind and brave, but also reckless and impulsive. He was a free spirit, who liked to explore and have fun. He didn’t care much about rules or consequences, as he thought he could do whatever he wanted as a boy. He had no knowledge of himself, or of his feelings. He liked Lena as a friend but didn’t realize how much she meant to him.


He also believed falsely that Lena was a woman who, contrary to her nature, should obey a man. He believed she was more of a follower than a leader. He didn’t value her fortitude, independence, magic, or sageness. He lost sight of his feelings for her in his desire to become more godlike.


They had been friends since childhood, but Lena wanted more than that. She wanted Leo to see her as a woman, not just a friend. She wanted him to love her as she loved him.


One day, Lena decided to confess her feelings to Leo. She wore a dress that matched her eyes and put a flower in her hair. She waited for him at their favorite spot by the lake, where they used to play and swim. The lake was surrounded by trees and flowers, and Lena had made them more beautiful with her magic. She hoped he would notice her beauty, and feel the same way about her.

But Leo never came. He had forgotten about their meeting because he was busy flirting with another girl. He had met her at the market, and he was charmed by her smile and her jokes. She seemed like a fun, laid-back person, and he wanted to have fun with her. Lena and her feelings were not on his mind.


Lena waited for hours until the sun set and the stars came out. She felt a cold wind blow through her heart, and she knew something was wrong. Looking for Leo, she dashed to the village. She found him at the tavern, laughing and kissing the girl he had met that day.


Lena had a flood of hurt and rage. She experienced humiliation and betrayal. She felt her dark nature take over, and she unleashed her power on Leo and the girl. She cursed them with a spell that would make them suffer as she did. She made them feel every emotion she felt, amplified by a thousand times.


She ran away from the village, into the dark forest. Never again, she wished to see anyone. With her darkness, she yearned for solitude. She grew into a black rose, with thorns that could kill anyone who touched her. Leo coming after her and dying from her thorns was what she wanted would happen.


But Leo didn’t die. He survived the curse because he had a strong will and a good heart. He realized his mistake, and how much he loved Lena. He regretted hurting her feelings, and he wanted to make it up to her. He wanted to pull her back from the darkness and show her his love.


He searched for her in the dark forest, braving the dangers and obstacles. He saw the forest change from green to gray, from life to death. He felt Lena’s presence in every tree and flower that was dying by her curse. He followed his intuition until he found the black rose that was Lena.


He saw her beauty and power, but also her sadness and pain. He reached for her, despite the thorns that pierced his skin.


He whispered to her: “Lena, I’m sorry. I love you. Please come back to me.”


He felt a warm tear fall on his hand, and he knew Lena heard him. He saw her petals turn from black to red, and he felt her thorns retract. He saw her transform back into a girl, and he hugged her tightly.


They kissed under the moonlight, and they felt their hearts beat as one.


They left the dark forest together, hand in hand.


They saw the forest come back to life behind them, as Lena’s magic restored it.