#The Bridge of Dreams: A Magical Love Story

Story by Danijela Stanojević, 1st of July 2023


Lena stood on the edge of the cliff and looked at the wooden bridge made of hemp. It was the only way to cross the chasm that separated her from her true love. She had waited for this moment for so long, but now she felt a pang of fear in her chest. What if he didn’t love her back? What if he had changed his mind? What if he had found someone else?


She shook her head and banished those thoughts. She had to trust her heart, and the magic that brought them together. She closed her eyes and remembered the first time she saw him, in a dream. He was tall and handsome, with dark hair and piercing blue eyes. He smiled at her and said his name was Leo. He told her he was from a different world, a world where magic was real and nature was alive. He said he had seen her in his dreams too, and that they were meant to be together. He said he would wait for her at the bottom of the canyon, where a portal to his world was hidden.


She opened her eyes and felt a surge of love and courage. She grabbed the ropes of the wooden bridge with her hands and stepped forward. As she walked, she decided to surrender to her decision, to surrender to what carried her in her heart and soul. The bridge slowly descended down the cliff, swaying in the wind. She was walking barefoot, her hair loose in an airy dress, and with every step she took, she felt a change in the air. It became warmer and fresher, filled with sweet scents and gentle sounds. She looked up and saw that the cliff from which she was descending was transforming before her eyes. It was overflowing with green vegetation and becoming more lush, rich and beautiful, just as she felt she was seeing it. Flowers bloomed, birds sang, butterflies fluttered. It was like a fairy tale.


She reached the bottom of the canyon and stepped into the clear water that flowed like a stream. She felt a tingling sensation in her feet as the water sparkled with magic. She knelt down in the wet earth and dug her hands into it, feeling its vitality and warmth. She lifted a handful of earth to smell its fragrance that flooded her body and mind. She turned around and saw him.


He was standing on the other side of the stream, smiling at her with love and joy. He looked exactly like he did in her dreams, except more real and more handsome. He wore a simple tunic and trousers, and a cloak made of feathers. He had a sword at his side and a bow on his back. He was a warrior of his world, but also a lover of hers.


He crossed the stream and came to her. He took her hands in his and lifted her up. He kissed her softly on the lips and whispered in her ear:


“Lena, my love, you made it. I’m so happy to see you.”


She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him back.


“Leo, my love, I’m here. I’m so happy to be with you.”


They hugged each other tightly, feeling their hearts beat as one.


They looked into each other’s eyes and smiled.


They had found each other.


They had found magic.


They had found love.