The Deer and the Darkness

If you love stories of adventure, romance and mystery, you won’t want to miss The Deer and the Darkness. Read it now and discover Lena’s fate.

by, Danijela Stanojević /8th July, 2023

Lena saw a beautiful deer with big horns and she wanted to touch him.

They went into the woods and they had fun.

The deer was singing because he was happy spending time with her. The woods had beautiful air and sparkled under the moonlight.

Lena looked at the moon and then she realized that she was alone in the deep forest.

As she was walking, the darkness started to grow. She realized that she would never see the deer again and darkness came all over her from the bottom. It started to take her over and she was walking harder and harder. She stopped in that darkness and had a heavy feeling that was powerful just like love. It had many thorns and she was breathing heavily.

She was alone and then she whispered: “I am standing alone in this.” She knew she had to be there alone for a while because that darkness would not leave her ever. She had to learn how to embrace and hang with that heavy dark feeling that would be part of her until she died.

I think the moral of this story is that sometimes we have to face our own darkness and loneliness, even if we have experienced joy and love before.

We cannot always rely on others to make us happy or save us from our fears. We have to find our own strength and courage to deal with the challenges of life.