Breaking Free

My project for the “24 sata” newspaper portal, which is one of the most popular online news sources in Croatia1

 A documentary project that reveals the abuse of elderly, disabled, and third-age people who are trapped in unfair Maintenance until death agreements that violate their constitutional rights and dignity.

The project I made, financed by the Agency for Electronic Media from the program for encouraging journalistic excellence, deals with the topic of lifelong (and life-wide) alimony agreements and their abuse in terms of human rights, violations of constitutional values, protection of the human rights and fundamental freedoms of the elderly, the disabled, and the third-age people. The focus is on people in a vulnerable age group who are largely dependent on the system’s protection (notary offices, police, social welfare centers, courts, and lawyers) and society. People in the third age of life face a lack of information about their rights guaranteed by the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Croatia, as well as social and economic challenges that affect their social responsibility and moral frameworks.