Danijela Stanojević Majerić,

journalist and writter

Date of birth: 23.5.1978.Zagreb, Croatia


Member of ICEJ (International Center for Education of Journalists) JETiC Trainer Certificate – trainer for journalists, 2008.

Graduated Journalism on Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb, 2003.

Member of The Thomson Foundation Certificate for Political Reporter, since 1999.



Excellent in English: reading, writing and speaking

Familiar with French, German, Dutch and Hebrew

Literate in informatics: ECDL certificate (MS office: Internet, Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

Owner of drivers licence since 23.6.1998.

Communicative, well mannered, skilled in networking

Sociable, creative person and reliable



Croatian Journalist Association – regular member.

International Federation of Journalists

La Union Internacional de la Presse Francophone (UPF)

Croatian Society of Film Workers



Since 1998. I am working as freelance in all the programs of National television and radio as a journalist, scenarist, director, writter and reporter. Director and scenarist of a film “3D World”

Director and scenarist of a short documentary “The borders of visibility“

Works as scenarist, journalist researcher, assistant of director and producer on TV documentary travelogue „Wind in your hair“ 2015./1016.

Works as director and scenarist on documentary show Vox feminae – about position of a woman in Croatian society and for gender equality (2012.-2015.)

Works as creative scenarist and research journalist on documentary project “I am changing the World”, documentary show for children and young people. Works as research journalist on ‘Cooking the History’, international film, from 2004 to 2006.

Works as research journalist on documentary show ‘Direct’, seasons 1999. / 2003.

Chief Editor of ‘Big Brother – ‘The Naked truth’ (2nd season), in 2005.



Won First Award of FAK (Festival of A Literature) in 2001. for the best short story



UNESCO scholarship in Paris for young writers (2010/2011.)




Director and scenarist of a film “3D World” 20” (2017.)


Director and scenarist of a short documentary “The borders of visibility“ 20“  (2016.)


Director and scenarist of a short and long documentary “LANGUAGE,GENDER AND SEX“ (25“ and 45“)Shown on festivals: Elles Tournent – Dames Draaien



Published short story –prose in magazine for Literature “New Years” 2002, title: “Sunday Eurhythmy” (homo-erotic)

Published book of short stories “Teaching a dog tricks”, 2008, urban prose, A studio s potpisom

Currently working on new book – a novel: “The origin of the world


Working experience in journalism:

Works as research journalist on film, television, newspapers and Internet since 1996.

Currently working as journalist for Croatian national television  (Public television).

Currently working as recognized activist in Vox feminae for gender equality


Organization experience:

As an activist organizes and participates in various actions of public interest (2002. – Another world is possible; 1999. –GMO/WTO initiative; 2000. – Attack’s volunteer in action to help the Center for autistic persons; 2003. – Square for autistic persons)

Organization and marketing for cultural and science institutions like: Ethnographic Museum in Zagreb and Technical polytechnics in Zagreb.

Organization of global event “One Billion Rising” in Croatia (against violence over women)

Organization and PR of Vox feminae festival iz Zagreb 2014./2015. (Festival of gender equality)

Organization and PR of One Billion Rising on Cvjetni Trg 2015./Zrinjevac 2014./Zrinjevac 2013.