Danijela Stanojević, director, screenwriter, creative producer, journalist and writer

Date of birth: 23.5.1978.Zagreb, Croatia

Education: University of Zagreb

Faculty of  Political Science

2003, Master of Journalism


Bosnian-Croatian-Montenegrin-Serbian Native

English Full professional proficiency

French Advanced

Familiar with German, Dutch and Hebrew


Advocating and organizing

Management and reporting of projects

Driver’s license holder since 23.6.1998.

communicative, polite, and adept at networking

dependable, social, and creative

Professional experience in television and radio journalism, and in program production

Nov 2011 – Jan 2017

Croatian Radio and Television, Screenwriter, director and creative producer (Zagreb)

Editor-in-Chief, Writer, Director, Creative Producer. I led a team of 100 cross-functional professionals, launching 11 national television shows, including Big Brother (where I was editor-in-chief), and The Bachelor.

Good morning, Croatia’ comprised travelogues, culture, theater, rural life, agriculture, natural attractions. ‘Good morning culture’ focused on culture and society. The travelogue ‘The Wind In Your Hair’ told stories of Croatia’s beauty and the people of villages and small towns, taking a broad socio-economic sample to present multiple opinions on the economic and ecological situation in Croatia.

From Jan 2017 – present; Screenwriter, director, and producer: I work with Croatian radio and television across various formats, including festival chronicles. I have made and placed over 20 documentary films in festival programs.

Aug 2019 – July 2020 Zagreb Local TV, Editor-in-Chief: As editor-in-chief, I worked on television programming and developed morning shows such as Good Morning Zagreb. Created a TV format ‘Celebrity Cooking’, involving visits to celebrities’ homes to interview them (on multiple cameras) while they cook.

Jan 1998 – Jan 2017 Croatian Radio and Television, Journalist, (Zagreb)

Critic, Presenter and Commentator: Journalist covering terrorist attacks in France from Paris for Croatian television and radio programs broadcast nationally. Internationally I reported on human rights and from the Strasbourg Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought. I also reported on culture, reviewed theatre for radio, TV and print. I also wrote a lot and published short stories.

Status and memberships

Jan 2021 – Independent Artist (Writer and Director) status recognized by the Republic of Croatia.

March 2010 – Member of the Croatian Filmmakers Association and member of the board of directors.

March 2023 – Member and board member of the Croatian Cinema Union. Member of the Croatian Union of Journalists.


Won First Award of FAK (Festival of A Literature) in 2001. for the best short story


UNESCO scholarship in Paris for young writers (2010/2011.)


One that stands out in particular is “Language, Gender and Gender”, which advocated for women’s human rights and transgender people and was shown at the Human Rights Court in Strasbourg, at gay pride events throughout Europe, as well as at festivals. It was also included in the textbook on gender at the University of Sarajevo. I wrote about a hundred documentary scripts and directed about twenty films and series.


Published short story –prose in magazine for Literature “New Years” 2002, title: “Sunday Eurhythmy” (homo-erotic)

Published book of short stories “Teach a dog tricks”, 2008, urban prose, A studio s potpisom

Currently working on new book – a novel: “The origin of the world” or “How to kill mother in law”.

Professional experience in human rights organizations
Sep 2011 – presentFreelance consultant on human rights advocacy and lobbying; project, campaign and complex-event development, production, implementation and reporting; media relations advisor
August 2019 – August 2021, Red-Nosed Clown-doctors (in Croatia: https://www.crveninosovi.hr/misija/ ) Head of Public Relations: Promoted the organization’s advocacy agenda, organized large-scale public relations and media-focused events. Managed media relations and content development (from content concept through to online and offline campaigns and placement).   Sept 2009 – present, K Zone Association for Gender Equality, Member of the board of directors: I developed a media production department, conceived produced and placed a “Voxfeminae” documentary show on Croatian public television (from 2010) with a mission to advance gender equality, culture, knowledge and activism for women, youth and LGBTIQ+ people through videos, films or events. Since the K-Zone Association launch, I participated in various EU-level projects (such as the public awareness campaigns on ‘Burnout’ and ‘Women in the Rural Economy’). I produced and directed serval videos on promoting and protecting human rights and freedoms, environmental and animal protection, and free media and cultural spaces. My work supported civil society development, citizen participation, volunteer, and capacity building and skills development among young people. Developed, promoted and managed cultural, artistic, and audio-visual activities and large-scale public events.   May 2013, Voxfeminae Film Festival: Head of Public Relations: Responsible for communication, publicity, lobbying, and promoting the festival nationally. Project was highly successful, from marketing and design (posters and slogans) to communication with mass media, bringing multiple public figures into the festival orbit for the first time, and positioning the festival on the cultural map.
Jan 2010 – presentOne Billion Rising Croatia, Event Manager and Producer (Zagreb)
Curator, producer, promotion (film production). I manage, coordinate, produce, direct and represent the One Billion Rising movement, launched by author Eve Ensler with Jane Fonda and Robert Redford, in Croatia. For over 12 years, I have led the delivery of large-scale annual public awareness events – Vagina Monologues, V Day and Victory – including developing, managing, and delivering complex cultural arts programs, media relations, content creation, engaging and activating key stakeholders. Core brand focus is to raise awareness of violence against women. As part of my role, I manage all necessary administration related to event logistics, calendar coordination, regional impact and network building, vendors, etc. 
Jan 2017 – Sep 2019Consultant for European Union Projects, Gender Equality Ombudsperson of Republic of Croatia (Zagreb)
Project coordinator. Consultant and advisor to the government on project implementation and content production, including educational films on human rights and gender equality. While responsible for project implementation, I was involved in project conception and development and supported project reporting. Role included organizing the entire national archive and reporting to the European Commission. I oversaw project development and day-to-day communication with stakeholders in the legal system – Police Academy, Judges, Lawyers, and Social workers and assisted the Ombudsperson in reporting to the Government (Prime Minister).

Cultural management

A pioneer of online marketing initiatives like “500 pieces to France”
a trailblazer in promoting cultural management and alternative social structures

As an activist, you plan and take part in a number of public interest initiatives (e.g., Another world is conceivable in 2002, the GMO/WTO project in 1999, Attack’s volunteer work at the Center for Autistic Persons in 2000, and the Square for Autistic Persons in 2003).

Organization and marketing for cultural and scientific organizations, such as the Zagreb Technical Polytechnics and the Ethnographic Museum.