The Deer and the Darkness

If you love stories of adventure, romance and mystery, you won’t want to miss The Deer and the Darkness. Read it now and discover Lena’s fate. by, Danijela Stanojević /8th July, 2023 Lena saw a beautiful deer with big horns and she wanted to touch him. They went into the woods and they had fun. […]

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Lena was a girl with two natures. One was beautiful and full of love, and the other was dark and very powerful. She could switch between them depending on her mood and the situation. She loved nature and flowers and had a special connection with them. She could make them grow and bloom with her […]

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# The Magical Forest

Written in Zagreb on June 18, 2023 by Danijela Stanojevic Lena had always loved the forest near her home. She loved the forest on the island, where she could escape from the world and lose herself in the green embrace of nature. She felt a surge of magical lust as she stripped off her clothes […]

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