Film title: IT’S A 3D WORLD


Sentence: Heritage, technology, imagination


About the film: Will science make it to the future? On the one side we hear the murmur of the sea, while on the other the sound of 3D printers at work. The interaction of 3D technologies and cultural heritage preservation is an even greater challenge when it is fostered by diverse professions. Motivated by the welfare and enrichment of the city of Rijeka and the rest of Croatia they place “Rijeka’s Small Miracle” on the cultural map of Europe and the world.


Director/Screenwriter: Danijela Stanojević

Director of Photography: Miran Krčadinac

Editing: Valent Balun

Animation: Ira Bulić

Voice-over Narration: Mirela Matković

Design: Barbara Zec

Illustration: Damir Gudiček

Production: Danijela Stanojević



Director/Screenwriter: Danijela Stanojević

Production date: 2017

Duration: 20’’

Contact info:


The film “A 3D World” tells the story of two individuals in Rijeka, who launched a project for  the research, restoration and revival of an old Roman military compound.
The idea to reproduce artifacts, such as a leaf from the 3rd century found at this archeological site, into a new cultural souvenir now integrates 3D technologies with the conservation of cultural heritage.
An even greater test was to demonstrate that the cooperation of diverse disciplines could result in pure benefit for the city of Rijeka and Croatia, while placing it on the cultural map of Europe as well as the world. With this project, “Rijeka’s Small Miracle”, Rijeka added to its image a mindset that dares to broaden its horizons.