A favorite in the offside


The first book of Danijela Stanojević Majerić in two ways deserves the guideline of “first”.
In the first, banal meaning it is because for now it is the only independent book of the young author, the first one which she succeeded to put in covers.
More than that, while reading you can recognize the eruptive force that is bubbling and is not going to be able to stop, and there is no doubt it will be later followed by others, among which “Nauči psa trikovima” (Teach a dog tricks) will be chronologically the first.


Danijela Stanojević Majerić was previously known as a journalist, columnist, and she was also known because of her starting efforts with the literature, but with this book she showed that her intentions in literature are so strong  that in the future we will have to reckon with her seriously.
The book had quite an echo and it is well accepted. In it the author spoke with the spirit of her time, ignoring the usual expectations and showed that she is not afraid of not respecting adopted canons, risking confrontation with untried methods, and showing confidence in her own qualities.


She showed interesting maturity through the relationship with her own book. Experience has taught me that writers-beginners usually only dream to publish their first book, and then vaguely expect that all the problems of acceptance of their work and themselves to be solved on their own.
Experienced authors are recognized by the fact that it is not the question whether they write a book and someone publishes it, but with the fact that they are interested in what will be with the book after that, will it after publication acclimatize in the best possible way.
Danijela for the popularization and sale of already published books took an action with witch not many can compare with, investing ingenuity and effort that is very rarely met in our business.
Despite the fact that this is her first book so we could easily classify her among beginners, her approach is a mark of high professionalism.


I first noticed Danijela as a writer 2001 in FAK event, where I also participated. She won a special award for a highly provocative story with an unusual theme. All in all, the way she entered into the Croatian literature has shown that she is an unusual personality in our region.
She is atypical also because of the width of inspiration and themes that transcend the boundaries of her source culture, and also because of the world experiences that she incorporates into her work.
Among other things, the plot of her new book on which she is working now is located in several European cities, of which Paris is the most common.
And thus she stands out from most local authors because the dominant foreign influence are reaching from English speaking countries, and thus the motives and background of that part of the world are penetrating in their works, while Danijela Stanojevic Majerić is more Francophone-oriented.


Were writers race horses that you bet on, Danijela Stanojevic Majerić would be the one worth investing money with the certainty that it is only a matter of time when she would become a favorite.


Zagreb, 10. june 2011.



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