The Storm of Change

by Danijela Stanojević 23th July 2023


Lena felt a pang of sadness as she looked at the people around her. They seemed to shrink daily, losing their spark, warmth, and humanity. They no longer laughed, cared, or loved. They isolated themselves from each other, trapped in their own bubbles of fear and ignorance. Lena wondered if they ever realized that they were mortal and had only one chance to live fully and meaningfully. She felt like an alien in her own village, a stranger among strangers.

She ran away from the crowd, seeking refuge in the forest. She loved the forest, with its majestic trees that towered over her, old and wise. She touched their bark gently, feeling their life force pulsing through her fingers. She breathed in their fresh scent, feeling their calmness soothing her mind. She felt a connection with them, a bond that transcended words and time.

But the people’s negative thoughts had created a storm that loomed over the village and the forest, dark and menacing. It was like a giant squid that squirted its ink over the sky, blotting out the sun and the stars. The wind grew stronger and wilder, like a horde of spoiled children who threw tantrums and broke everything in their path. The wind ripped the trees from their roots, snapped their branches, and tore their leaves. It ripped off roofs, smashed windows, and toppled fences. Lena heard the screams of pain and terror from both the forest and the village, and she felt a surge of anger and fear.

She ran deeper into the forest, looking for a safe place to hide. She found a large rock that offered some shelter from the wind. She crawled under it, curling up into a ball. She watched the chaos unfold before her eyes, feeling helpless and hopeless. She wished she could stop the storm, save the trees, and help the people. But she knew she was powerless against the force of nature and human folly.

The storm lasted for what seemed like an eternity, but eventually it subsided. The wind died down, the clouds dispersed, and the sun peeked out. Lena emerged from under the rock, blinking at the light. She gasped at the sight that greeted her. The forest was a wasteland, with broken trunks and branches littering the ground. The village was a ruin, with collapsed buildings and debris everywhere. Lena felt a wave of sadness wash over her, drowning her in grief.

She was alone in this desolation and wondered if anyone else had survived. She wondered if anyone else had learned anything from this disaster. She wondered if anyone else had changed their ways or their thoughts. She wondered if there was any hope left for this world.

She walked slowly through the forest, looking for signs of life. She saw a tiny green sprout poking out from a crack in a fallen log. She saw a bird perched on a branchless tree, singing its song. She saw a squirrel scampering across a pile of leaves, looking for nuts. She felt a flicker of joy in her heart, a spark of hope in her soul.

She realized that life was resilient, that nature was healing, and that beauty was everywhere. She realized that she was not alone, that she was part of something bigger and greater than herself. She realized that she still had a choice, a chance, a purpose.

She smiled and kept walking.


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